Cancellation & Refund Policy

Order Cancellation & Refunds

  1. Official Reseller, our company, has all the rights to reject the refund request of any order (with or without any valid reason).

  2. Depending upon the case and account status Official Reseller will decide if it is possible to cancel an order and refunds will be done accordingly.
  3. Customers can cancel their orders by writing an email to or by using the Cancel Purchase Order option in the My Orders area.

  4. If the customer has an issue with the order or has not received the delivery for an order within 72 hours, the customer is requested to contact us within 7 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Any complaints received after the stipulated 7 business days will be entertained subject to the sole decision of our company and our team. Our team might take a few days (up to 5 business days) to respond to customer complaints (for delivery issues or refunds).

  5. If a refund is approved it could take up to 7 to 10 business days for the amount to be credited back to the original payment mode. 
Gift Card Orders & Refunds
  1. The gift card(s) sold by the Official Reseller is/are genuine, freshly generated with a full balance, and will work 100% of the time when redeemed.

  2. Never forward the gift card(s) and/or the email in which the gift card(s) were delivered to anyone whom you do not trust. Once you forward this email to anyone (doesn't matter who it is that you forward it to (friends/family/relatives/colleagues/social media met/any other person) or to which email address you forward it (personal/official/company), you will automatically lose your eligibility for a refund for this order. No exceptions will be provided in this regard.

  3. Official Reseller will NOT entertain any claim that the gift card(s) was already activated/redeemed or did not work/activate/redeem or invalid/incorrect or did not give the full balance or that there is a link instead of a code/card or that there is a code/card instead of a link or my relative/friend/known person/unknown person to whom the gift card(s) and/or the emails in which the gift card(s) were delivered was forwarded to has confirmed that the gift card(s) is not valid/not working or any other reason not mentioned earlier. Official Reseller will NOT refund the money you have paid for purchasing those gift card(s) under any circumstances.
  4. No information on who activated the card and when it was redeemed shall be provided to the buyer.

  5. Be aware of the scammers and the common scams around gift cards. It came to our attention that scammers from abroad lure citizens in India to send gift cards and later claim that the gift cards are not working or are invalid. Such claims will be NOT eligible for a refund.

The above-mentioned conditions also apply to all digital products (not just gift cards) purchased on the Official Reseller website (unless otherwise specified explicitly).

Please note that Official Reseller has all the rights to change anything from the above-mentioned conditions or statements at any time we want without any notice to anyone.